A typical plan for a business will cover some of the following areas:

  • An executive summary of what the business and the plan is about
  • Your current business activities
  • Your existing and potential customers market activities
  • New products, new markets, new suppliers
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Business development strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Resource requirements
  • Operational organisation and activities
  • Financial forecasts

Some of the Benefits of Business Planning & Business Development Support

  • Your business will be planned to defined, achievable objectives
  • You will have support to attain your objectives
  • There will be experienced management and directional assistance
  • Your decision making will be more informed, clearer and balanced
  • You will focus on your strengths and increase levels of satisfaction in your business activities
  • As a consequence you will become more motivated and dynamic
  • You will have experienced sales and marketing support in your business to push the business forward
  • Solutions will become simpler and you will achieve your defined objectives quicker
  • You will have telephone support for those problems which are not easy to resolve
  • Your performance levels will be higher, as defined by your own objectives, which will add value, improve self esteem along with success for your business and importantly, making life more enjoyable

Coaching and Mentoring

Having formulated the plan, it is important you achieve your business goals and objectives. Implementation is the next step. An experienced coach helps you with attaining planned levels of improvement which are achievable and sustainable. The coaching will achieve:

  • Working "on" the business, rather than "in" the business
  • Focussing principal personnel on their key strengths
  • Overcoming weaknesses through intuitive business assessment and solid advice
  • Defining and achieving objectives with planned support
  • Adding new ideas with innovative thinking and methodology
  • Sound reasoning, through experienced commercial acumen and analytical business skills
  • Experienced management and directional assistance
  • Encouraging creative and inventive thinking
  • Adding dynamism, motivation and positive leadership
  • Providing experienced sales and marketing support to push the business forward
  • Proactive support, reasoning and solutions for those problems which are not easy to resolve
  • Raising confidence levels along with success for your business
  • Improving quality of life and business enjoyment

Business Advice and Support

Marling Associates provide qualified and experienced business advice

  • 20 years hands on management experience at CEO level within
    the B2B, SME business sector
  • 12 years experience as a management consultant delivering a variety of projects to the manufacturing and service sectors in the B2B environment
  • Working with Business Cornerstones, a well established group of 25 business specialists who support each other through networking opportunities providing key skills and services to businesses that cover all business issues
  • SFEEDI approved business advisor with broad business knowledge through hands on management activities, a wide consultancy background and the experience of over 400 business reviews for Business Link
  • Member of the Institute of Consulting who are the leading UK institute for management consultants providing continuous professional development and resources for new ideas and innovation to deliver progressive management capabilities

Sales and Marketing Support

A marketing strategy will vary for each business depending on its aims and objectives. There are a variety of tools and techniques to use which will invariably be a combination of both existing methods and creative ideas to achieve measured results. Assistance and direction can be given with this and will cover some of the following:

  • Marketing strategy; defining your target market, identifying opportunities; how to develop business within your market and influencing the market direction
  • Market Positioning; where the business is positioned against its competition; its ability to price strongly and make leading steps forward to keep it ahead.
  • Perception; how your business is viewed by its customers, potential customers and more importantly the owners
  • Branding; identifying the style and profile the business needs to fulfil in building a brand; an effective brand strategy will create a unique identity that will differentiate you from the competition
  • Route to market; understanding your customers' buying habits so you can identify and exploit the most effective routes to market for your offer.
  • Web Design and Development, presenting your business effectively demonstrating perception, market positioning and branding; retaining attention to you website, increasing traffic and conversion to business
  • SEO, optimising your website to achieve prominent search engine positioning, web hits and increased level of business
  • Internet marketing; also known as digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, search marketing or e-marketing, is the marketing (generally promotion) of products or services over the internet. A complex area with a wide variety of options and techniques
  • PR; working with you to identify your most compelling PR and marketing messages and package them in ways the media can use
  • Direct marketing; identifying your target market with a number of options to approach, such as telemarketing, direct mail, e-mail marketing and quite often a combination will be used
  • Sales support; direction and closing sales: where there is limited resources support and assistance can be given to generate business including sales visits to assist in closing deals

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