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Sussex Blast Cleaning undergoes restoration work on Hastings Pier as a result of an approach by Marling Associates on their behalf. The project is in conjunction with the lottery funded refurbishment following the serious fire which severely damaged the pier in 2010. A challenging project!

Several consultancy projects have also been completed in conjunction with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) who gave grant support to 50% fund projects.

These projects have included:-

Business planning and marketing strategies for one of the leading UK Manufacturers of CCTV technologies. The project included working with management team to determine marketing direction, website design and video production. Meetings were held with potential designers and producers to deliver promotional and marketing tools to enhance the profile of the business. The work coincided with company winning a number of large projects, which further enhanced its market position and provided a pathway for further business development.

Strategic development for a leading air-conditioning and refrigeration business involving planning, marketing, on-line promotion, along with staff development. The project progressed into ongoing work continuing to grow the business, working with the MD, defining objectives, evaluating opportunities and developing staff.

MAS funding was again used to support a research programme and marketing proposal for an incapicant manufacturer based in East Sussex. The project evaluated competition, pricing and made recommendations on selling price, route to market and marketing strategies.

The refinanced business continued to blossom with management responding to planning, mentoring where market positioning and profile increased revenues and profitably significantly. The business benefitted from slick systems, staff retention and a highly motivated and professional workforce. A real success story!

Ongoing business development and business advice, including planning and direct marketing were also given to a number of clients on an ongoing basis.

Advice was also given on licensing and franchising for replicating a business in other geographical areas, with particular guidance on trademarks.

Business Cornerstones continues to grow enhancing it's reputation as a strong networking group with leading speakers, Mark Driver from the prestigious Rathfinny Estate presented a fascinating and compelling background to the amazing vineyard development in Alfriston at the spring event. This was followed by Kevin Green, well known for his broadcasting and international speaking delivering a brilliant presentation on developing staff at the Autumn Event. Marling Associates are one of the principal drivers behind Business Cornerstones.


Another prestigious contract was won for Sussex Blast Cleaning, restoring the High Profile Beachy Head Lighthouse. A mixture of direct marketing and experienced introduction skills enabled company to win the contract despite strong competition and a very rigorous bidding process. The contract was very successful and was well covered in the press, TV and worldwide media further enhancing the company’s highly respected position.

Supported by MAS a strategic marketing plan was undertaken with a manufacturing business based in the vacuum technology sector. This involved identifying the target market, advising on route to market, the tools and media required to promote the business. Direct on-line marketing technologies were introduced to the business to bring new business within the B2B sector.

Another funded project was undertaken with a lighting manufacturer based in East Sussex, introducing new online marketing techniques and identifying the target market. The project led ongoing marketing support assisting the company develop new customers and increased business.

These projects usually covered business planning, business advice, marketing strategies, website planning and business development proposals.

The company also got involved with exit strategies, advising of options, identifying potential acquirers making approaches, if required.

Business Cornerstones presented two events, with Spring Event targeted at the Care Home Sector and the autumn event at the manufacturing sector. Both events generated business for Marling with business advice and business development for the care home sector and planning and marketing advice for the manufacturing sector.


An ongoing business development programme was introduced to a leading Sussex telecommunications specialist. The programme included the introduction of direct marketing and administrative support for business development. Visits to prospects with the client were also made providing a professional and comprehensive presentation, enhancing profile and delivering new business.

Business advice to charities was also undertaken; focussing on objectives, staff development and key performance indicators. The charity improved its profile, implemented changes and management became more confident, progressive with action plans whilst significantly growing its activities to raise its contribution levels to society.

The financially restructured business was now taking shape and growing without the debts which were holding it back. A true Phoenix was achieved! Re-branding, retaining the identity and the core business whilst demonstrating significant improvements with improved market positioning. Management controls, systems were all redefined and the business grew significantly generating cash which was re-invested in the business.

Ongoing business advice and business development were delivered to several clients on a retained basis, which continued through to following years.


  • Completed a Financial restructuring programme at Sussex based company, releasing the directors from the burden of debt enabling them to focus on building their business. This is an ongoing project with continued business development opportunities, sitting in directors meetings, advising and supporting with strategic and management decisions. We are also involved with proactive business development to introduce new business.
  • Ongoing business planning for a large Middle Eastern Law Firm based in Dubai. Using intuitive planning methods and introducing new ideas into a sector where business methods integrate work alongside legal and international transactions. This enables the partners and managers to grasp new ideas and methodology to improve performance and returns.
  • Transforming an IT support business where the owners and management are very hands to increase profitability and revenue through increased efficiency and output levels. Combining this with improved market position and client base; this has created very positive atmosphere and performance.
  • Working with a high technology manufacturing company, to develop their business in both the UK and in export markets, particularly in the USA and the Far East. Initially involved with the website and profile and then moving to direct marketing and the introduction of new business
  • Ongoing business development and management support with Sussex Blast Cleaning, (see case study)


  • Completed the 300th Business review on behalf of Business Link. This involved visiting businesses, understanding their opportunities along with their issues and producing an action plan for improvements and development. The process had been ongoing for 3 years and provided a wide variety of businesses that had very different issues and challenges. The action reviews were followed up and a number of positive results achieved resulting in several commissioned projects in the IT sector, printing, business promotions and LED market
  • Compiled all the information, submitted the application and supported the presentation for Sussex Blast cleaning to win the prestigious Sussex Business Awards for the best Small Business is Sussex along with continued business development and mentoring activities (see case study)
  • Various planning and business mentoring projects including work with media, building and promotions companies
  • Working with Business Cornerstones specialists on a number of projects using our combined skills to achieve specific results that require more than one area of specialism such as finance, health and safety or employment law

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