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Business Advice & Support

We work with our clients to add creative entrepreneurial thinking backed by proven business experience and success to enhance performance. We help with:

  • Business planning
  • Intelligence gathering, strategic analysis of competition and potential opportunities
  • Market position and brand development
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Online strategy, web positioning and
  • Generating leads and converting sales
  • Presentation and proactive sales techniques

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Do you need support with Business Development?

  • Is cash flow tight?
  • Are profits poor in relation to
    overall sales?
  • Are you working longer hours and take less holidays than your staff?
  • Is fire-fighting the main role rather than developing your business?
  • Are margins falling?
  • Are customers being lost to the competition and you want to fight back?
  • Is there a need to generate more enquiries and new leads?
  • Is marketing not your strongest area and you need new ideas?
  • Does your sales team perform as well as they should?
  • Is motivation an issue for yourself or business partners?
  • Is it hard to recruit, retain and motivate good quality staff?
  • Does the business apparently break down when you’re not around?

Benefits of Business Development Support

  • Smarter marketing
  • Increased sales and margins
  • Improved profitability and cash flow
  • Higher customer retention, and service levels
  • Clearly defined, achievable objectives
  • Balanced, clear and informed decision making
  • More effective leadership and management
  • Improved staff performance and more robust systems
  • Improved efficiencies and utilisation of resources
  • Increased levels of satisfaction in your business activities with improved self esteem
  • Importantly, making life more enjoyable